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The Newbury of Brookline continues to create unparalleled experiences for its future residents and is proud to announce a series of partnerships, embodying its The Art of Living Well® philosophy. Connections with prestigious cultural institutions such as The Museum of Fine Arts, the Boston Symphony Orchestra and The Coolidge Corner Theater, enhance the community experience, elevating the quality of life for residents. By integrating luxury living with the arts, The Newbury reflects its commitment to fostering a vibrant sense of community with life-enriching experiences.

The Newbury’s diverse offerings are not just about luxury; they are a vital component of a proactive approach to health and well-being. A recent NIH study, involving more than 8,000 adult participants, highlights the importance of a multifaceted lifestyle in reducing dementia risk. Notably, the study found that engaging in intellectual, social and culturally enriching activities significantly decreases the risk of dementia.

Massachusetts finest artistic institutions

Committing to cultural and educational enrichment through acclaimed institutions like The Coolidge Corner Theater, The Museum of Fine Arts Boston and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, these collaborations offer residents exclusive access to the fine arts and behind-the-scenes opportunities at select institutions. For example, in partnering with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, residents will have an inside look at how the symphony’s performers bring their magnificent music to life.

Strengthening Cultural Ties

Additionally, partnerships with institutions like The Coolidge Corner Theater and The Museum of Fine Arts will allow residents to spark insightful conversations, encourage creative thinking and foster a sense of belonging. With life-long learning opportunities, residents will have the advantage of continued education and experiencing the cultural importance behind Massachusetts most notable landmarks.